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Top 5 Santhali Android Application and Useful Websites

These are some of the most important Android apps that i found for you, it will help Santhali people in day-to-day life. I have categorised it into various levels for is to find them it is up to you which app you should download. I took my time and research some of the most important Android application which would definitely make your day. At the end of the post i will also give you with the best santhali websites that will definitely help you with this apps. I have went very deep and searched only for you. So without any delay let's get started with blog post on top 5 Santhali Android apps.


  1. Santhali Dictionary app
  2. Santhali Keyboard apps
  3. Santhali Entertainment apps
  4. Santhali creative and miscellaneous
  5. More useful apps
  6. Most useful websites

Santhali Dictionary app


Santhali dictionary app is an app where you can search words in ol chiki and get results of a desired word meaning. I have searched plenty of apps but only I was able to find one app that is glosbe dictionary. Others are merely websites, many websites promise you to give you the word meaning but they are unable to. But glosbe is different, it also give you with best possible result. Yes i said best as the glosbe website is still under development but normal user it is totally fine. User have to go to the website or download android application of glosbe and then search for any word in Ol chiki. You can also go to the official website and search for word meaning in santhali.

The size of the app is 1.4 MB. You have just checked the language and Santhali to English or English to Santhali. The website of the app provides the sentence of the word, the word can be better understand by giving example with sentences which the website does. Till now this is the best website you can visit alternatively you can install the app of gross pay from Play Store and do your search to get best results.

Santhali Keyboard

I have found a plenty of Santali keyboard in Google Play Store and in some other website. I have found at least five Keyboard which are the best in typing and provides better feature, which make them stand out of other keyboards available in Playstore.

Gboard :

It is one of the first Google product to support ol chiki Santhali. it was released in 26th January 2015 by Google LLC developer.
Now gboard supports almost all major languages and minor. gboard supports Santhali (ol chiki and Latin).
gboard takes very small space off the screen and is very much light. you must take a try.


It is a keyboard which is developed by key point technologies. The keyboard supports ol chiki. You need to download the Ol chiki back from the server which is present inside the external application, it was released in 14th January 2015.

Multilang O keyboard Plus emoji:

It is the first keyboard to support Ol chiki Santali. the name suggests emoji, which clearly reflects from the keyboard itself it is full of emoji that will impress you after you install this app, is texture is different from above xploree and gboard keyboard.

This app required a plugin to be downloaded before it can support Santhali language. the plugin is called Santhali keyboard Plugin which is 1.6 MB file, the original app is of 498 KB size. the app and the plugin developed by Honso developer.

First you need to download the app, then you need to give appropriate permission to the Android settings and then download the plugin from app Store.
The app was released on 12th March 2013. it is the oldest Android app to support Ol chiki Santali.

Indic keyboard swalekh flip:

As the name suggest the flip its truely a flip keyboard. I found it while browsing for a new Santali keyboard.
It is developed by reverie language, which is 9.0 MB APK file, it was released in 24th January 2015, it is one of the early app to be released on Play Store supporting Ol chiki.
you will definitely like the flip way of typing Santhali so take a try if you are bored with gboard or xplorree.

Indian language soft keyboard:

As the name suggests, it's truly a desi Keyboard which supports all 22 indic languages script including ol chiki Santhali.
the app is developed by Indian government.
As the Indian government doesn't release app mostly in Play Store. so the app is only available in their website.
Go to their website, and then India search bar type Santhali or you just click on the name above link. you will get list of items then from there choose Unified Virtual Keyboard for Indian Languages which is a 1.80 MB Apk file.

Now choose to download the Unified Virtual Keyboard for Indian Languages APK file, then you will be able to download the app, if the website ask for creation of account then create account so that you can download the app. In most case no account creation is required.

Make sure to use it at your own risk though it doesn't ask for any special permission to install so in my opinion it is not harmful.
Read the use of their application.

We do not take any guarantee if you download from unknown sources and any damages caused to your mobile phone so use it at your own risk.

Easy typing Santhali keyboard fonts and themes: it is an Android app keyboard typing tool developed by D e v I n c keyboard comma it's a 22 MB file.
The keyboard supports Ol chiki Santali.


Other Santhali supported keyboards which developed by various developers are listed below:---

If you don't like any of the above keyboard, I'm sure you will be full filled by above listed best available keyboard but if you think that you like to you have a drawing of other Keyboard which are developed by many many many other developers you can try these.

There are plenty of keyboard available in Play Store with the same name so i will write only the name of the keyboard as just Santhali keyboard and to the right I will write the developer name and its size with released date so that you will be not be confused and you have a chance to download the most light weighted keyboard that is available in playstore.

Santhali keyboard developed by:-
  1. soft crushed solution released on 2nd July 2017 size in 9.6 MB
  2. keyboard mania released on 1st February 2018 size 7.6 MB
  3. light keyboard released on 10th December 2017 size 10 MB
  4. Balint Infotech released on 7th March 2016 size 6.2 MB
  5. Dev Inc keyboards on 27 March 2018 size 22 MB
  6. The keyboards on 8 November 2018 size 5.4 MB
  7. code mindz keyboard on 28 8 June 2018 size 20 MB
  8. iconic application Z on 26th January 2018 size 11 MB
  9. aw solution on 19th December 2017 size 11 MB
  10. founder cybersoft on 4th June 2018 size 8.0 MB
  11. BAGOK Technotech on 28 November 2018 size 10 MB
  12. my keyboard app on 25th April 2017 size 7.7 MB
  13. ab Keyboard theme on 30th November 2017 size 9.7 MB
  14. moozi keyboard on 27th April 2018 size 9.2 MB
  15. black dot studio on 30th January 2019 size 14.3 MB

Santhali Entertainment app

I have found some of the Santhali Android application that are related to entertainment and you I bet you will like them.


When I first seen this app in Play Store I kept on ignoring this but after some trial and installing this app in my phone I realise the importance of this application.

In this app you will get nice interface where you have to choose your favourite songs which you wanted to be played.

Now the notification shows in Ol chiki what is a nice thing. It is a 12 MB apk file released by Shagun TXD org and the release date of this ap is 4th May 2017.

Santali Song - Santali Video, Dj, Hd, Comedy 🌹🌹:

This is a application message digest on YouTube API and provide you the latest Santhali songs.
The developer of the app is Deva Guru brihaspati apps and it is a 5.1 MB apk file and is released on 14th November 2017.

Santali tube Santali video:

This is also API based application which provide you the latest Santhali songs, this app is developed by shukra apps it is 4.3 MB file and was released on 14 January 2018.

Sa Mu music : Santhali songs :

It is the music app where you will get latest music in Santali, this app developer is Sameer murmu and this app is 5.5 MB in size and was released on 21st February 2019.

Rasika listen your favourite Santali song:

The app name suggest that you will get your favourite song played. It is truly a mind fulfilling app, this app was developed by tudu Rasika and it is a 4.4 MB file size released on 7th March 2019

Santali videos:

This is our Santali video application which is best on a youtuber apply and and this is developed by Mihir Naik and it is 3.5 MB file size was released on 31st July 2018.

Santhali videos 2019 dost Santali song, DJ ,comedy :

This is also based on YouTube API and the developer is Mihir Kumar apps, this app was released by Mihir kumar Apps and was released on 12th February 2018.

Santali video songs Santali video :

It is a API best application developed by full entertainment video light weighted 3.5 MB apk file size and was released on 6th of February 2018.

Santhali TS:

This app is developed by @ShibshankarEntertainment, it is 6.5 MB in size and was released on 21st November 2018.

Santhali songs video 2019:

This app was developed by sterilite 5.0 MB APK file released on 6th of February 2019.

Santali creative App

adivasi ghadi:

This is a clock application specially symbolised of a young santhali fighter at the centre of the clock. This clock is written in english numerals. It is developed by Aeolist Software Private LimitedTools and size of app is 2.9 MB

Santhali calendar 2018 :

This is a Calender app developed by Wennest software, a 3 MB sized app developed in 11th November 2017

Jharkhand GK question answer in Hindi:

This is general knowledge question application and the app is developed by knowledge Guru and was released on 6th July 2017.

Jharkhand news and FM :

It is a news application of Jharkhand, this was developed by Vinay Thakur and its size is 2.2 MB and was released on 26th January 2017.

Santali shayari:

This is a shayari application, this app was developed by open developers and it is a 6.4 MB size application and was released on 8 April 2019.

Other useful application

I have displayed all the application that are relevant to Santali. but along with it I thought that include this category so that it would be much more useful post they might have ever read, so without any delay let's starter list of application that might help you in daily life.

Ankidroid flashcards:

I have found this application very much useful as this application can be used while studying question and answers. I use to remember some santhali hard words by using this application.
You have to write question and answers on both the sides of the flash cards.
After that you have to quiz it yourself, after some repeat you will definitely remember all the hard words in few days. You can create your own deck for quiz or you have to download the already made deck from the server of their website.

Quizlet app:

It was developed by quizlet incorporation. it is also the same flash for application as super flash cards. Write hardwords on one side and then answers on other side, then quiz it yourself.

Google drive:

This helps to save all the important documents online.

Monito Expense Manager

It is one of the common application form in every devices and this is the easiest application I have ever used for keep tracking of my expenses.
You have to just write down your expenses and do nothing, it will provide you graph of various expenses that you have invested.

Keep notes:

It is the best note application I have used till now answer it is very easier to keep note on everything, the most important thing is you can sync it from your computer to smartphone. I write all my blog post in santhali and publish it online in blogger application in smartphone. Its also save all the important notes from android while browsing. All you have to do is install this application on your smartphone and install addon in Chrome and you are all set.


It is application where you can don't down all your favourite website URL into this application and whenever that website updates any article or post then and you will be the very first user to get notified instead of be notified by email you will be notified by inoreader


All know the power YouTube, you will get everything that comes in your mind. Just search it and get your result.

Wolfram alpha:

This application is in app purchase but you can try the website and get result,
but wait wait wait... unlike other search engine like Google it is little bit different it is actually very much useful for calculation purposes for for data analysis purposes. Just search out what is the population of India you will get the data to every year from adding it is to 2019 along with this you will get a graph indicating the population growth...

Summing of those who like to get a broad picture of anything they can try it.

Create shortcut:

It is a application that I found one of the very much useful application just every time when I ever try to open a PDF file I have to open the file manager and then just very messy, with this application I have to do just is locate the part file of PDF application and just have to create a shortcut. The shortcut will be created in your home screen then next time when you had to open a PDF you have to just click on the PDF shortcut from your home screen no need to go to your file manager and search for the PDF file I want to open, it will wife not only with PDF file but also with many other file format such as Excel or image file also.

Hanuman chalisa:

Ok the reason that I put this application in this list is it will give us spiritually a stable mind, many say that if you hear Hanuman chalisa today morning, then no negative energy can affect you. It increases positivity.

Quality time:

This is one of the best time management application that i have found till now it will keep track of all your activity in your smartphone, it will tell you how much time you have invested in a particular application. So, next time when you will see that a particular application takes most of your time then you can uninstall it or you can just mute the notification of the particular application. I will recommend this application to install.

Picture this:

This application especially for botany students for plant curators, just picture any plant maybe it's flower or it's fruit you will get the related plant information, when i first used this application then i was very much surprised that how useful this might be if i have known this before. Believe me you will be surprised how intelligent this application works.

Web alert:

A time comes when you miss the notification about website or your friend is faster than you, got frustrated. Use of web alert will notify you of any change in a website. You have to select a particular area of the website where it updates its content and just wait, whenever the website will update its content you will be notified first.

Fb page manager:

If you have a FB page you must try it you will be much more less distracted by using this application.

Where is my train:

I have found this application very useful you can search for the train for a particular station where rain is stopped, you can find which train is currently standing in the platform in India. Whenever i got lost about the train i used to take a look at this application. I do not lie fully on this application either go to the enquiry room or ask TT for the train, but till now this application never gave me wrong information. Similar to more better application is their which is called ixigo where you can purchase online ticket but their are too many ads.


If you have to scan your application for or you have to just scan your whole book this application is just for you you can also backup your application for or any other scan document to this app.

Turbo vpn:

Frustrated by blocking of the website by your ISP, just install turbo VPN and you are all set you can access those website which are blocked in your country by changing the current location of your country.

Step counter pedometer:

Have you ever imagined how much distance do you walk in a day. Just counting your steps may not accurately tell you the result, just try this application and you will see the magic it counts your steps accurately without using any GPS technology it actually is a sensor that is embedded in your smartphone, for best practices if this application supports your smartphone on not just try application called sensor box. Censor box will tell whether a particular sensor is present or works in your smartphone or not. if your smartphone supports that sensor then you can use Pedometer.

Remember in smart phone after locking screen the speedometer stops working so keep an eye on your smartphone for steps.

Useful websites

  1. Santhali Update

  2. The website owner is Nirmal Baskey, currently, he is a University student. He started this Santhali blog in order to share his knowledge and connect to a large number of people. He learns and share with the people through this blog. He love to try new things and he always wanted to start a website so, he decided to start a blog on this topic. He creates content in English for santhali people.

  4. Read their mission " To create a network of contacts among the Santhals people residing in India and abroad so that we can know each other, work together and make our society stronger for future generation ". It clearly stated that the website is dedicated to santhali people, it is the oldest website to be created for santhals. Here you will get all the resources related to santhal people culture,tradition and lots more. Here you will also get variety of older fonts that are specially designed for typing santhali but these fonts were now replaced by unicode fonts redesigned by Pooja Saxena and Subhashish Panigrahi.

  6. With a view to establish interaction and relation among Santals, "Delhi Santal Employees' Welfare Association" was formed in the year 1990. A need was felt to broad base its areas of activities and coverage, and the same organisation was dissolved and All India Adivasi Socio-Educational and Cultural Association "All India ASECA" was founded in a meeting held on 18th August, 1995 at G-624, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi. The name "ASECA" was adopted in recognition of the pioneering work done by these Associations in the States of Orissa, Bihar and West Bengal for the welfare and development of Adivasis. Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the Association were framed according more responsibility to its members to perform. The Association was registered with the Registrar of Societies, Govt. of NCT Delhi on 13th December, 1996 under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (registration number S-30626-96). From the inception it was envisaged that this Association will work with required/desired thrust for the welfare of the Adivasis on all India level. Membership is spread in more than eight states and that is one of the remarkable features of this association and members are professionals in different fields. In easy words this website provides all the official works for the welfare of santhali community.

  8. is an Online Publisher of contents related to Santhals. This website was started in 2014 with the aim of bringing contents related to Tradition, Culture, Customs and Literature of Santhal Community by collecting and documenting them in form of our researches and writings, and publishing them on Internet . At present, the website boost to be the largest knowledgebase of Santhal Community available on Internet having more than 100+ Articles, 1000+ Santhali Songs. They are the team of four member all are specialized in their skill ranging from Software development, Web development, Content Writing and Graphic Designing. Currently, they are involved in various activities which we will soon be showcase . Their previous work includes : Development of this website, Developing 1st E-learning platform for Santhali Language, Design and development of Ol chiki fonts .

  10. This is a online santhali newspaper website created by Ramswaroop Soren.

  12. This website collects basic information on the society and culture of the santals in Mayurbhanj District.

  14. This Web site Provides Information About The Tradition And Culture Of Santhal Community.

  16. It is a voice for Adivasi website where various topics of adivasi culture are well described.

  18. This website is dedicated about the santhal's rich cultural and traditional heritage. To bring forward the perspective of "youngsanthals".

  20. It is a santhali resource page mostly written in English, latin and bengali language. It also provides a good information about santhali people. They also provide good software that saves a lot of time in writing content in latin santhali.

  22. It is one of the best music website in santhali, all music are free to download.

  24. It is a santhali resource blogspot website where you will get tips and tricks on various technology used specially for typing and writing in santhali. This website was created by Bapi Murmu a student of Mass Communication - Video Production , he had a strong willing to develop a website which would cater, information about Santal & Santali content in the web world. Finally he created this website.

  26. It is a santhali matrimony website. Get ready for the search of your partner... It is a santhali music website.

  28. Here you will get all the useful information about santhali culture and history. They have only 13 post till now. It was created by THAKUR LACHHAMAN MURMU and RAPAJ BOMA KISKU.

  30. He is from Dhanbad , Jharkhand he puts all the trendy post in his website.

  32. They have written about 48 posts till now. It was created by Sukumar from Jharkhand, he have focussed his writing on santhali people.

  34. It is a Santhali blog written in Latin Santhali.

  36. Full of energy, this is another santhali music website created by kamal.

  38. Look he has a new content he focuses on making anyone laugh with nice punch and jokes video. I follow him too. He has created nearly more than 50 blog posts.

  40. Another music website for santhali people..

  42. Take a look at this artistic guy. He has beautiful arts and shayri. I think he is expert in photoshop. He has written almost 30 blog posts.

  44. It is a santhali shayri blog. I'm too impressed by reading those shayri. Somnath Murmu is the blog admin.

Archived websites and post:

These are unfortunately deleted websites or posts which cannot be accessed normally, but wayback machine made it possible. I made a small effort in collecting these dead website information and post which are very useful for the purpose of study. Click through the link to get into past.


  4. google play store

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