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Women in a village

Me too like movement had led us to a conclusion that now the women are self aware of themselves, they know their rights.

More and more women are getting education, they are one of us. It is true that behind every man there is a woman. But there is a concern what ? I recently attended a marriage ceremony of my 'mama' or maternal uncle, where well it was a love marriage. I wished my maternal aunt a happy marriage.

After completing marriage i noticed that the in every society lady always used to be called forward and welcome the guest, as in the Santhal society we often see them close to their family members and always help them.

I was surprised to see that the parents of Santhali society love their daughter more than their son, at least in my village area.

I know it's not common to accept for every family that they may have a girl child. It's true that child foeticide is still a big concern but due to increase in literacy rate and strong law with huge fines the number of child foeticide is decreasing yearly, so you can imagine the importance of being educated. If anyone who is educated why he/she would kill its own children.

Still in some parts of India that trend is going on where the girl child are still being killed.

Well important thing that i will argue that when I was attending marriage i asked a 16 year old girl, whose house was just next to my grandfather house that does she goes to school, the reply was astonishing, she said she and had two sisters left the school at very small age.

What does School left at the age of 16 years means, is this age enough to become a mature and that too it's not guaranteed that she had at least completed her high school.

Reasonable to say, poor family could not afford money for study, but government is doing a lot for the girl child.

Are they aware of the government program, the answer is truly honestly no, no they are aware but not guaranteed that there is girl child would be safe in today's world. Rape, murder, theft makes the situation even more complex.

But you don't believe you are missing one more important point. I have read a study which was conducted, where the girl child school going number was very low, when it was investigated it was found that a significant amount of them didn't go to school due to menstruation problem.

They didn't even aware of it, when I asked in most nervous mood they replied they don't know or it is not available there, you might be thinking what? Who fool would sell pad in a village and that too in a much dense forest area of Mayurbhanj, Odisha district.

Anyhow at least i would able to aware one of them that such thing name pad exist.

Then what were they using before, a piece of cloth the fear of shame, so they don't and go to school.

Education system in India clearly indicates a need for improvement, but how far it is successful no one had answer.

Well thanks for reading just end it here I will say to every man to discuss the situation and respect women. If you are educated then when you will meet them who don't know anything, discuss with them, if you are a boy its doesn't matter, i'am also a son of mother just be bold and talk with them. It quite feel shame but believe me it make them feel good that at least someone understands their problem. Support them and include them with us, as if there were no mother would you have been existed...

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