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About Us


Myself Prasanta Hembram proud to be calling myself that i belong to santhali community for its rich culture. I live in Jharsuguda District of Odisha. I have been taught santali since my childhood and since i have a special interest towards knowing santhali language. I have expertise in writing english, but it doesn't mean that i forget my mother language. After graduation i thought if i can speak in my mother language then why not i can write. So i decided to take a online step.... That's my goal - "Write in your Mother language".

Maintaining my website is very difficult as it requires maintenance regular check for any breach also it cost me real money. But for my community its not a big deal. I thank to my brother who is also helping me maintaining this website. If you see ads then please forgive me as due to lack of money i have to do it, i will try to make this website adfree.

At last i will say, i try to write in such a way that it will also help me and if it helps me then it is going to help others like me who are interested in Santhali culture but are not able to get involved due to lack of resources or getting very less or no support at all . During my writing of this blog i enjoyed a lot. I am hoping that my effort will fill gaps in my santhali community.

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