Do you see Box

This page is only for them who are not able to see olchiki words or they are seeing the box.

Please keep in mind i use only google's  noto sans ol chiki font its a 11.6 KB zip file extract it and install Noto sans ol chiki.tff, as i use gboard for typing ol chiki in my android mobile for writing diary. Using other fonts such as sohagee or ol chiki classic in your browser will show in your browser but if you do copy pasting then do view my words in ms-word, you may see my text in your word as a box. To avoid you should copy my ol chiki words from my blog and then paste it in your Ms-word and change fonts to noto sans ol chiki in your ms-word by selecting the respective words. You will start seeing ol chiki instead of box in your Ms-word editor.

Solutions you may try

  • If you see box box in your computer browser then you should follow here :-
                   1. Please try to use chrome and firefox : Link 1, or Link 2 
  • If you see box box in your Mobile browser then you should follow here    :-
                   1. for android visit these important blogs : Link 1, or Link 

  • Or if you can try pasting my post url in and download as pdf so you can print out my writings in ol chiki or you can view as pdf (This trick works guarentee)*

    If you Fail to do above then proceed below, not all but some important pages, i have took some screenshort on page which i have written ol chiki.

    Here you will get all the screenshort of my diary only those on which i have written in ol chiki or any page with ol chiki written in image format only. 

    My diary

    28th dec

    29th dec




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