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Please use the form below to contact me for any anything related to this website like advertising, query, suggestions for improving this website etc. Your Email will not be shared with anyone.

You are always welcome to Direct E-mail us at (most preferred) or  for any query.


You can directly fill the below form to contact me, it requires ex. ( your Name, email and a small message ) to contact me. You can also direct email me from above Email address also. I will try to reply you in 24 Hrs.

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  • Just say hi to me
  • You can ask me question in Santhali, i can understand Ol chiki, Odia, Hindi and English only. You can message me to ask anything about Santhali Language, culture, or if you have any idea which can make a big impact in our community then you are most welcome. 

Thank you for visiting :))

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