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Santhali Vocabulary

List of common Santali words(in dailylife+in internet use+in commontalk) | ᱤᱱᱜᱨᱡᱤ ᱠᱦᱚᱱ ᱥᱟᱱᱛᱟᱲᱤ  


  • I am not an expert or an linguistic, i am providing information that is already present and just presenting it. 
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  • Their are now few words till now in this Online word collection when i last updated it... let see will it can cross 500 words in this page ?? 
  • A small request to all my santhali or more popularly santali sisters and brother that this is a very small online word collection and this needs to be made larger and larger and requires regular updates and a vast contribution. You can contribute in adding the words that is not present in this page or can correct the mistake if their is. I will write your name at the end of the page if you contribute in any way by writing the new words or correcting the mistakes in this page. 
  • Please write your name in the comment box if you comment anonymously, so that i can write your name in comment box.
  • I will try to give exact meaning of each and every word with proof. 
  • I have added Santhali/Santali people as author of creative commons as you have contributed many many words so a big thanks. 
  • I will not be responsible for any error in this word collection, all the meaning here are displayed were especially from the already published source. 
  • Are you ready to become one of Santhali/Santali people ?


Also see (My Comments on various Santali Dictionary available) that may help a lot.

Till now their are very small number of quality dictionary available online. Though their are many quality santali dictionary available offline (ex in stores, shops, in mela), we should be very much proud and thankful to them as most of their author have contributed their whole life in collecting and preserving our mother tongue talk. We will not forget contribution of Campbell, Bodding and many other hard worker who have contributed their precious life in knowing and understanding us. 

I have tried my small effort in making these words more interesting by putting creative ideas and playing around. But buying dictionary cost a lot and all cannot afford. My goal of writing this post is making available the rich words free of cost. I hope in future i will be creating large online database of santali dictionary.

These are some online Santali dictionary i have found from internet and tested and shared my experience with them, hope it helps.

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